Every On Farm cooking class includes:

A walking farm tour


Bring a pair of closed toed shoes and a camera as we take a scenic walk down to the barn to visit the horses.   We'll talk about the pastures, how organic beef is raised differently than conventional, and what it means to be 100% grass fed.  

Instruction, preparing and EATING 4-5 beefy dishes


Heidi Billotto, food personality from Charlotte, will guide us through the prep and cooking of 4 or 5 beefy dishes.  We'll all then eat them of course!! Everyone gets a good tapas sized portion of each dish. No one goes away hungry! Learn more about Heidi here 

Wine tastings paired with each dish


We have a wine shop owner or wine rep here at the farm talking about why each wine was chosen to go with each dish we prepare. They'll have bottles on hand to sell if you'd like to take one home. All class participants get a tasting of each wine paired with the beef.   As such, our cooking classes are adult events that run into the evening. 

Shop the farm store


Once you've seen how easy and delicious cooking with our beef is you'll want to take some home!  During and after each class you'll be able to make your selections of the many beef cuts available at the farm store without missing a moment of the class!  Bring a cooler!

Upcoming Events


Sunday April 7, 2019 2:00-6:00 pm

  Be sure to bring a friend or three along!  This is definitely a more the merrier type of event! We cap the class size to be sure everyone has a good time. 

 In this springtime On the Farm beef-centric class, Heidi will be pairing our  beef with local coffee! This class begins with a farm tour. You will see the finishing herd that grazes the grasses surrounding the Proffitt homestead. Participants will learn all about what it takes to be an organic rancher. The process and attention to detail is amazing! Back inside (and out at the grill) we will cook with Proffitt’s delicious grass fed and finished  and organic beef. Every course will feature beef and coffee in the form of marinades, sauces, and dry rubs. Things start with a beefy appetizer and a bubbly toast upon arrival; followed by 4 additional beef-centric courses including a beef braise in the Instapot!
Our host, Shelley Proffitt Eagan will have beef for sale at the class, so plan to bring a cooler along to stock up! Cost $95 Email Heidi@HeidiCooks.com to reserve your spot. 


Due to the heavy amount of beef in each dish the classes are $95 pp.   


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