Certified USDA organic grass fed beef, North Carolina

USDA Certified Organic, 100% Grass Fed Beef, Kings Mountain, NC

Proffitt Family Cattle Co.

We raise them all!

We're a family farm who raise and sell USDA Certified Organic, 100% Grass Fed Beef from our farm in Kings Mountain, NC. All beef we sell was born and raised on OUR very own ceritified organic pastures.

Beef, as it was intended to be.

If you are looking for a flavorful, mouthwatering, guilt free, clean beef source....That is US!   Our beef is known for its' rich beefy flavor, decadent steaks, and juicy burger. We have been serving the Charlotte area and Cleveland County since 2009.  We have sold from Farmers markets, from the store here at our farm, at our farm cooking classes, to restaurants, and various grocers such as Whole Foods.  Right now we sell from the farm store and once a month at the Charlotte Regional market on Yorkmont. 

Red Meat for Green People

Humanely raised cattle who spend every moment of their lives on grass filled pastures. Raised with no pharmaceuticals, no chemical fly sprays, no chemical dewormers, and  no feeds ever.  Just sunshine, pastures grasses, and our home made hay. Clean. Delicious. Amazing beef comes from contented healthy livestock.

100% Grass Fed & Finished

Grass Farmers

Once heifers and steers are weaned they stay together in weanling groups and begin moving from pasture to pasture every 1 to 3 days. This is a year around method of moving onto fresh grass every couple days that they become very acquainted with. They get used to being around us and calmly moving onto fresh grass. No dogs needed, no loud four wheelers just a quick call and they know the routine!


Our certified organic cattle get free choice salt, and a dried sea kelp as their mineral supplement. Both of these products are also certified organic. There are no chemical fly sprays or chemical ear tags. No chemical de-wormers are needed because we carefully manage where and how long they graze in a particular spot.  It goes without saying that they receive no added hormones or antibiotics, ever. Certified organic means a LOT more than simply free of added hormones and antibiotics!


Once you've had our beef it's hard to go back. The rich beefy flavor of our beef has no match. Many folks seek us out because they know its healthier for them and the planet, or because our animals are raised humanely, or because their doctor told them to.  But, they come back for more because its the best, most delicious beef they have ever had. 

Order/Fire tv video of Shelley and the farm

A pic is worth a 1,000 words right? This video gives you a sneak peek of us on the farm doing what we do everyday.  No costumes, and no makeup!  Thanks to Peter Taylor and chef Marc Jacksina for putting together this informative piece on Proffitt Family Cattle Co. and Shelley our #1 cowgirl!

How to buy our beef

From the farm

Text, email or call Shelley and let her know you'd like to drop by and get some beef from the farm store. She'll meet you there whenever you'd like. 


Charlotte regional farmers market

Once a month we're at the Regional farmers market on Yorkmont rd in Charlotte. This month it's Feb. 17, 8-12. Typically the 3rd or 4th Saturday of the month. We are always in bldg C. 

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Bulk beef 1/4 cow

You can pick this up at the farm any day of the week just email or call to set up a pick up or to ask for more details. See our bulk beef and bundles page. 

By the Cut or by the Pound

You can buy 1 pound of ground beef or 3 chuck roasts or a steak or 10.  We can meet the needs of most families beef appetites!  


If you just can't pick one!  Bundles are a great way to be economical and get a variety of beef cuts to enjoy. This is a good way to stock up until you see us at the next market or if you don't have room for a bulk beef purchase. 


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Contact Us

We love to talk about beef! Want to know what's in a 1/4 beef? Set up a time to come pick up some beef? When is the next cooking class? Ask us here:

Better yet, see us in person!

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Proffitt Family Cattle Company

150 Old Home Place, Kings Mountain, NC 28086, US

(704) 751-6455


  Fridays as inventory is available 2-6 pm

Monday-Thursday -Call Ahead

Sunday - closed

Certified Organic by: International Certification Services Inc.