Proffitt Family Cattle Co. Mission
Our mission is to produce high quality beef grown in a natural way.  To provide our animals with an environment that lets
them live their entire lives as nature intended, by allowing them to forage exclusively on pasture.  On our farm we let the
cows and pasture land sustain each other with only rain and sunshine. There are no chemical inputs on our pastures or
cattle, of any kind.
Our animals are never given routine hormones, antibiotics, or treated with chemicals for worms or flys.
Your ranch direct source for pasture finished, dry-aged, 100%
grass fed, Certified USDA Organic beef.
USDA processed, 100% grass finished, no hormones, no antibiotics, USDA Organic.
Beef From Kings Mountain, North Carolina.
Farm News from Shelley (8/29/12)
In September 2010 the USDA certified all four of our farms as ORGANIC and all of our cattle ! Each year since then we have
passed our organic audits.   All meat is 100% grass fed, no added hormones, no antibiotics beef, no corn or grain - ever, not
'finished' on anything other than our organic pasture, and certified organic hay. Our processor, now Chaudhry Halal Meats in
Siler City NC has had their organic certification audit and will soon be certified as well!  Feel free to call, email, or come to one
of our farm tour /cooking classes we have about twice a year and see where your beef comes from.   The farm is located at 150
Old Home Place, Kings Mountain, NC 28086.
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I’m all about sharing the road, sharing toys, sharing food on my plate, and sharing the land. But, we all have our limits, right?
Last spring our herd of cattle at the leased Shelby pastures crossed a river, which they used for water, and into a neighborhood on the other side! This is
bad.  Bad for cows, hard on the yards, bad for even tolerant neighbors, and bad for cattle folk to be sure. We built a nice, new, long, sturdy fence to keep
them out of the river after this. Yeah, that was a good time! It rained that day too!  I’ll be moving the herd back into that pasture pretty soon so I walked the
fence line to check and make sure our new fence had no issues.
Just for the record…when a farmer does this…there are ALWAYS issues.  I prepare myself mentally before said walk, “There will be some small issue,
nothing major….ok, there might be some kind of minor issue that could require a hammer and staple…..OK, so it’s possible there could be a somewhat
major issue that requires a bit of barbed wire only….oh hell, there’s probably a major tree down that wiped the fence off the planet.”  
Once there is no putting it off any longer I must pull my head out of the sand and just go find out.   Off I go for another hike in the woods with tools.
Generally speaking I don’t mind fence work. It’s nice to be out doors and most fence repair is done in the woods since the growth of trees and deadfall
cause most of the problems. We’ve all become pretty proficient at wrestling barbed wire, it was yet another nice day out for December!   On this day I
was elated to find that every staple was in place and every T-post hanger was hanging onto its’ respective T-post! Imagine that! Then I round the corner
on the scene of a grisly death…

Death of the tree that is. Busy as a beaver doesn’t even do this scene justice. I don’t know if it was one hungry beaver or an entire colony of hungry
beavers. I’ve never seen any sign of beaver on this river as it moves too fast and wide to be damned up by anything less than the Army Corp of
Engineers.  I bet the beaver was sorely disappointed when that tree didn’t fall as planned!  All that sawing, gnawing, chewing, literally gnashing of teeth,
all to no avail! The tree top of the eaten tree got caught on the top of another one and this stopped it from falling as the clever beaver had anticipated! I
almost felt sorry for them, just for a second. This did save my fence from being torn through though. Ha ha! Nature works in my favor for once.
I still have to get that pressure off the fence. We could use a hatchet, bow saw, or chain saw but it’s a long way through the woods to carry a chainsaw.
Whoever is the lucky farmer to do this task will have to move fast as the base of that tree is going to pop, quickly, up and hopefully over our lovely new
fence at the moment it is cut!
The busy as a beaver term rings true. Once I cut that tree off the fence I have no doubt there will be another tree felled as our industrious new ‘neighbor’
we share the land with will make his/her way to another spot on this beautiful river. Ripe to be damned in the eye of the beaver! Oh, he is imagining the
lake that will be created and the lodges that will be built on it! He’s got his work cut out as the Broad River has yet to be damned. Reminds me of the Ant
and the Rubber Tree plant song…..he’s got, high hopes! He’s got, high apple pie, in the sky, hopes…

The farm store will no longer be open since our meat is selling very well at the Whole Foods market and they are able to sell as much as we can produce.
We will have our Open Farm Day the Friday after Thanksgiving each year and all the other farm events you enjoy. Come find the meat, fresh cut and
ground daily and check out the Taj Mahal of organic grocery stores right here in Charlotte, NC!

Here's to greener pastures,
Location and Directions
Our farm is convienently located about 35 minutes south of Charlotte, NC. From I-85 south, take exit 10B,
Hwy. 74 west toward Ashville to the 4th exit, Oak Grove Rd. exit, turn right, then take the first right onto
Old Home Place.  Farm is 1/2 mile on the right.
Kings Mountain, NC 28086
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Cattle, and pastures
certified organic by QCS
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See us in the pasture and video of the cattle!
Now at Whole Foods in Charlotte, NC. 6610 Fairview Rd., Beside the Burger King at
South Park mall.
Fresh cut in the meat counter. Ours is clearly labeled in the fresh meat case in the
back of the store. If you don't see it, just ask for Proffitt's beef.
Farm store in Kings Mountain is now closed.