Questions: Call Shelley at (704)751-6455
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  Can you purchase in bulk?
No.  We are no longer taking orders for bulk beef.  Demand has simply gone beyond supply. Please stop by the Whole Foods
Charlotte store as they carry a full inventory, every day of the week!

2. How many cows do you have?
We hover around  200 steers, heifers, cows with calves at their sides, and bulls.  Because we harvest year around and calf
almost year around
this number is constantly changing.  But, we hover around this number.

3.  How many acres do you have and where is your farm?
We currently own or lease 800+ acres.  They are spread across 4 farms that Steve, Shelley, Brian, Tanner, Scott and Ed
manage.  Each farm is about 20 minutes apart.  Two are in Kings Mountain where we live.  One is down the road in Shelby,
and the other is down the road in Blacksburg, SC.  Most days we are working on 2 of the 4 farms if not all !  

4. What is the difference between Organic and Grass Fed?
Grass fed, in our beef, means they are never fed corn or grain and they are finished on grass from the pasture, with
supplements of hay in the winter months.  Our beef  receive no hormones or antibiotics but the term 'grass fed' does not
require that.  Certified USDA Organic beef we harvest now.  Our pastures are USDA Organic as are our animals.  For the beef
to carry the organic logo the animals must have spent their entire life eating only certified feed or grasses, (only grass and
hay for us) and the mother of that animal must have consumed only organic food for the last 3 months she carried the calf.  
Most of our current weaned calves are organic and about 90% of those for harvest during Fall 2011 and going forward.  Their
mother's ate the certified organic pasture grass for the last 3 months of gestation and  these calves will only eat certified
organic grass for their entire lives.  We are now harvesting the first USDA Organic beef raised in NC, according to our
certifying agent.  This is very exciting for agriculture in our area.  
'USDA Organic' does not mean it is grass fed!  USDA Organic beef can eat any certified grain, corn, or other certified food
stuffs.  This may be eliminating the chemicals but it might not be sustainable.  USDA Organic does not mean they are

5. Do you sell wholesale?
The only wholesale we currently do is to Whole Foods in Charlotte, NC only. We are no longer supplying any restaurants
or other stores with beef. Please alert us to any who claim to do so.